Applying Lean Six Sigma to Patient Care

As more and more healthcare practitioners become increasingly aware of issues around quality of care, Six Sigma in healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular concept. Patients look out for quality as a requirement while choosing a healthcare service. In addition, patients can make more informed decisions about their treatments based on their experiences and level of satisfaction. Hence the primary focus is on improving patient safety and satisfaction.
At Symbio Consults, our team comprising of Senior Doctors, NABL Auditors, Hospital Administrators, FDA consultants works with Large and Medium Healthcare organizations in addressing critical business challenges with scenarios where wrong diagnosis, mismanaged prescriptions, emergency care has led to more fatal incidents in the recent past.

Lean Six Sigma Applications In Healthcare

• Reduces the errors caused by technicians, nurses and doctors
• Improves the turnaround time of diagnostic labs and departments
• Decreases the number of steps used in the supply chain for quick service
• Reduces the waiting time of doctors’ appointments
• Enables insurance claim reimbursements much faster
• Improves patient satisfaction levels

Our Core Service Offering for the Healthcare Organization Include,



– Improvement of Processes through application of Lean Six Sigma
– Facilitate Six Sigma Program Deployment
– Training programs on Lean Six Sigma
– Implementation of 5S programs
– Quality Management systems Advisory
– ISO Standards Advisory, Training and Deployment Support
– Business Excellence Practices – Malcolm Baldrige model – Advisory and Deployment support


*  NABH – Hospitals, Blood Banks, Medical Imaging Centers, Wellness Centers and Small Healthcare Organizations
*  NABL for Health care & Clinical Laboratories
*  Re-accreditation