<style=”text-align: justify;”>Strategic Planning of quality Management deployment is a systematic approach to defining long-term business goals and identifying the means to achieve them. Once an organization has established its long-term goals, effective strategic planning enables it, year by year, to create an annual business plan which includes the necessary annual goals, resources, and actions needed to move toward that future.

Our Quality Engineering Services and Quality Engineering Assurance team is backed by strong skills and expertise, and is recognized for its wide range of services, quality of resources, and wider delivery capabilities. We offer business transformation by aligning your services to embrace emerging trends. We offer functional, non-functional and related services to ensure that your resources perform optimally. We give priority to your business needs by offering competitive skill enhancement and capability expertise, while continually improving the quality and throughput of your business functionalities.


 Our Quality Engineering Advisory team can support the organization to incorporate the effort into the strategic planning process and into the annual business plan.

The Team will follow the approach for extensive use of three such managerial processes:
● Quality planning
● Quality control
● Quality improvement


Quality Engineering Services

will support Organization in establishing Quality practices in,
– Process Management
– Cost of Quality
– Benchmarking
– Quality Assurance Services
– Quality Testing
– Quality Audits
– Acceptance Sampling
– Compliant Handling
– Performance Measurement
– Quality in Research and Development
– Quality in Software development
– Quality Leadership Training and Workshop


Quality Engineering Services Project Support group work closely with the teams to drive efficiency projects in

Customer complaints
•   On time Delivery
•   Supply chain Management
•   Productivity Improvement
•   Capability Analysis
•   Supplier Audit
•   Lean