Symbio Consults supports the Oil and Gas industry in establishing Manufacturing best practices, Reliability and Maintainability practices in Design and development, supply chain efficiency, operations and maintenance optimization, asset management, and Regulatory and standard needs.
Our experience in Reliability engineering and Tools used the oil and gas industries, combined with Training and Process Improvement techniques we enable Organization achieve Excellence.

Our Core Offering to the Oil & Gas Industry include,

– Reliability and Maintainability Engineering services
– Process Improvement and Efficiency using the Lean Six Sigma methodology
– Training Solutions, Quality, RAMS, Lean Six Sigma
– Predictive Maintenance
– Asset Management
– Safety Requirements – Workforce
– Safety Requirements – Equipment
– Quality Engineer

o Quality Auditor
o Quality Process Analyst
o Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action
o Lean Manufacturing
o Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt / Green Belt / Master Black Belt
o 7QC Tools and Advance QC Tools
o Statistical Process Control (SPC)
o Problem Solving Tools
o 8 D Analysis
o Quality (ISO 9001)
o Information Security (ISO 27001)
o Environment (ISO 14001)
o Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001)
o Internal Auditor Training
o Auditor / Lead Auditor Training
o Advanced RAMS program
o Reliability Engineer (CRE)
o RAMS training
o Risk management
o Hazard analysis
o RAMS analysis
o RAMS tests
o Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis
o Common Safety Methods (CSM)
o Functional Safety Certification Program
o Safety Management System (SMS)Risk Analysis
o Software Reliability Engineer
o Software Safety Requirement Specification (SW-SRS)
o Software – Life cycle, architectures, firmware and user SW