Our Maintenance Service Offering includes corrective, preventive and condition-based and predictive maintenance solutions to rolling stock and signalling .With our expertise in Rail Engineering, RAMS Engineering and Data Analytics , we help to deliver efficient rail system availability and reliability.

Maintenance Services (O & M) for Rail Transportation


Maintener : Training Modules

• Maintenance Overview
• Maintenance – Rolling Stock Sub Systems
• Maintenance – Signaling Sub Systems

Reliability & Safety Modules

• Safety Awareness overview
• Reliability centered maintenance analysis
• Reliability data collection and review

Maintenance Services (O & M) for Rail Transportation

Services Offered – Execute Maintenance Tasks / Provide Resource

Preventive Maintenance / Condition Monitoring:

• Periodic Maintenance Checks of Sub assembly / Components based on Time based schedules as defined by OEM’s
• Predictive replacement of components based on usages as suggested by OEM
• Continuous monitoring of certain vital installations and taking timely corrective action to
eliminate/reduce the impact of failure.

Corrective Maintenance

• Manning of vital installations like RSS (Receiving Sub-Station), OCC (Operation Control Centre), DCC (Depot
Control Centre) and SCR(Station Control Room) round the clock.
• SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) for Remote monitoring and control of Traction
installations and Telecom installations
• Failure analysis through causative indications on the electronic equipment /

Predictive Maintenance

• Data Analytics based on KPI parameters : Train Availability
• Punctuality
• Station Accessibility
• Reliability of Train Service – Peak Hour Service (PHS)
• Non-Peak Hour Service