• System Engineering Services

• Electrical and Electronics Inspection & Testing

• Technical Publications

• After Sales Service

• Value Engineering

• Cost Optimization

• Data Analysis


 • System Engineering Services



 • Electrical and Electronics Inspection & Testing

Establish Quality Assurance and Quality control system , develop Quality acceptance plan to carry out Inspection and testing of electrical and electronics systems.

Advisory Services

  • The quality requirements regarding the electrical parameters.
  • The quality acceptance procedures that the QA group should follow during acceptance of any item.
  • Procedure for carrying out quality inspection on the electrical parameters
  • Preparing a detailed QA report on the inspection carried out.
  • Input from experts to increase efficiency and quality in inspection.

The quality assurance is done for the following listed systems and/or components along with data acquisition system as per aerospace requirements for Défense major

  • Thermocouple, RTD and thermocouple rake/probe
  • Pressure transducers and transmitters
  • Turbine flow meters (optical and RF pickoff)
  • Strain gauges (bonded wire type)
  • Overall harness
  • Accelerometers
  • Alternator
  • Speed probes
  • Electro technical equipment’s
  • Bare PCBs and PCBs with components
  • Stress Sensors (eddy current based, optical)
  • Tip clearance sensors
  • Data acquisition card



• Technical Publications

We provide a broad range of Technical Publications ranging from Internal Documentation to Customer Facing Documentations. All user interface manuals are developed using extensive research and practical approach.



  • Aftermarket Support Services

– Learning Solutions
– Field failure data analysis
– Parts Data Analysis


 • Value Engineering & Cost Optimization &Data Analysis

– Performance Management and Measurement RAMS
– Reliability project Support
– Efficiency Management project support
– Operation and Maintenance Data Collection and Analysis
– Reliability in Manufacturing – Process Improve